Most signs ship within 10 business days. Customized signs can take up to 20 business days to ship.

About Me & Little Bit Signs

Hello. I am Nicole, the face behind Little Bit Signs.

I am a sign maker and a designer. I am also a wife and mother. I classify Little Bit Signs as a family run business because I do not hire outside help to make the signs. Sign making is a craft that I love and I am constantly learning new things to make better signs for you.   

Little Bit Signs was started in 2012 after my second son was born. We had just moved and I was having a hard time finding work. I needed something to get me going in the mornings. When I was younger I loved art. I took every art class available in school. After getting married and starting a family I stopped doing almost everything that had to do with art as I just didn't have time.  Now was the time to find that passion again. I find joy in making all kinds of signs for women, men, and children. I will be receiving my Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design in 2017.

All of my handcrafted items are made with special attention to detail. It does not matter if they are made completely by hand, with the use of stencils or a router; I make sure that each piece is a quality piece. I complete each sign by hand sanding them, closing the letters, and making sure that every piece is something that I would purchase or gift to someone. Each item is something that Little Bit Signs is proud to put our name on. I do not mass produce my handcrafted items.

While some will try to copy and imitate my work none will be able to copy my passion. I hope that you enjoy everything you see. Stop by to visit again soon as I am always adding new items. Bookmark my page for easy access. If you have any questions please ask.